Campervan Conversion Services

Full Campervan Conversions

Transform your van into a fully functional home on wheels. Our bespoke conversion service includes design consultation, space optimisation, and installation of all amenities for a comfortable and convenient living experience. Perfect for adventurers and full-time van-lifers.

Campervan Conversions

Medium Campervan Conversion Package

Large Campervan Conversion Package

Dog Campervan Conversion

Carpet Lining and Floor Fitting

Give your van's interior a touch of comfort and luxury with our carpet lining and floor fitting services. Durable, stylish, and custom-cut to your van's specifications, our flooring options are designed to withstand the rigours of van life while providing a homely feel.

Carpet Lining and Floor Fitting Service for Vans

Solar Panel Fitting

Harness the power of the sun for your campervan. We offer professional solar panel installations that provide a renewable energy source to power your appliances, lighting, and gadgets. Stay off-grid longer and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Panel Fitting

Electrical Services

From basic wiring to complex electrical systems, our services ensure your campervan's power needs are precisely met. We install leisure batteries, charging systems, and power inverters to keep your van powered up safely and reliably.

Electrical Services

Heater Fitting Service

Stay warm wherever you go with our heating solutions. We install high-quality heaters that are efficient, safe, and tailored to the size of your van. Choose from various heating options to stay cosy in all weather conditions.

Heater Fitting Service

Windows & Sky Light Fitting Services

Brighten your space with natural light and enjoy the view with our window and skylight installations. Custom-fitted to your van for a seamless look, our solutions offer ventilation, light, and a more spacious feel to your mobile home.

Windows & Sky Light Fitting Services

Pop-Top Installation and Fitting

Expand your campervan's vertical space with a pop-top installation. Ideal for creating extra headroom or a sleeping loft, our pop-top solutions are customised to fit your van model perfectly, providing added functionality and style.

Pop Top Fitting Service

Van Swivel Seat Fitting

Maximise your interior space with swivel seats, allowing a versatile living area. Our swivel seat fittings provide a flexible seating arrangement, enabling you to rotate your seats for dining, socialising, or as an additional space for relaxation.

Bed Fitting Service

Enjoy a restful sleep with our custom bed-fitting service. We design and install beds that make the most of your van's layout, ensuring comfort, support, and optimal space usage, whether a fixed bed or a convertible option.

Rock 'n' Roll Bed Fitting Service

Cupboard Fitting Service

Keep your belongings organised with our cupboard fitting service. We design storage solutions that are practical and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring every inch of your van is used effectively without compromising on style or space.

Cupboard Fitting Service

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